Feeling, guilty, horny, ticked-off, twittered-out, put-upon, misunderstood, about to join the Tea Party or sell yourself into white slavery - take the easy way out. Retire to your flea-bitten couch with your favorite six-pack and read This is Your Brain on Shamrocks!!

-Larry Kirwan, lead singer of Black 47, author of "Green Suede Shoes" and "Rockin' the Bronx"

Stories from “This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks” have made their way to the stage! These shots o’ theater have been stage at the Manhattan Repertory Theater in midtown Manhattan.

A down and out drunk writer, his spinster sister, and boozy cousin come together to mourn the loss of their Irish matriarch. Panic and comedy ensues when the body is cremated against the family wishes.






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An Irish mammy finally gets her dream of a grandson, but it doesn’t turn out the way she had imagined. No christening gown! No Baptism! In “McBris,” she confronts the Jewish custom of circumcision but like all good mothers, she has an ace up her sleeve to get the upper hand!

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Pictures for McBris and This Is Your Brain on Shamrocks attached.